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Unleash Your Imagination: Transform Your Events with our 360 Video Booth Experience!

Capture the magic of your special occasions like never before with our immersive 360 Video Packages! Whether it’s a party, wedding, or corporate event, we’ve got you covered. 🎥✨

Call +44 7983 222950, email or book your event online today!

🎈 Party Package 🎈


Turn your celebration into an unforgettable experience! Our Party Package offers:

✨ Immersive 360-degree video booth

✨ Customizable themes and backgrounds

✨ Instant sharing on social media

✨ Engaging props and effects

✨ On-site technician for a seamless setup

💍 Wedding Package 💍

Make your wedding day truly extraordinary! Our Wedding Package includes:

✨ Elegant 360-degree video booth setup

✨ Personalized themes to match your wedding style

✨ Social media sharing for friends and family to enjoy

✨ Attentive staff to ensure a flawless experience

🏢 Corporate Package 🏢

Elevate your corporate events and engage your audience like never before! Our Corporate Package features:

✨ Custom-branded 360-degree video booth

✨ Interactive experiences tailored to your brand

✨ Data capture for lead generation and market insights

✨ Social media integration for maximum exposure

✨ Expert team to handle logistics and setup

🌟 Why Choose Our 360 Video Packages? 🌟

✅ Unmatched entertainment value

✅ Immersive and interactive experiences

✅ Memorable moments for guests to cherish

✅ Boost social media presence and brand visibility

✅ Professional setup and support for stress-free events


Don’t miss out on the hottest trend in event entertainment! Book our 360 Video Packages today and take your parties, weddings, and corporate events to the next level.


🎉✨ Click on the "BOOK NOW" button below to secure your date and let the immersive fun begin!

  • What areas do you cover?
    We cover Horley, Surrey, Kent and London
  • How much room do I need for the booth?
    Generally, we ask for a minimum of 6ft x 6ft footprint with at least 8 ft of clearance above. However, an 8ft x 8ft or 10ft x 10ft space is recommended. We can tweak the footprint if needed to accommodate your event needs.
  • How long does it take to put it all together?
    A minimum of a 2 hour set up window is needed for the fullcirclevents video booth. However, we can set up the booth in as fast as an hour.
  • Can I have the fullcirclevents video booth outside?
    Yes, we can provide our 360 video booth outside. Our state of the art 360 video booth uses not only AC mains power, but for outdoor events where AC power is not an option the booth runs on battery power. However, if AC power is required, for example for additional lighting at twilight/night events, we will need access to a safe power outlet with trailing power cables safely managed in order to avoid disconnecting the booth and accidents due to your guest tripping over or getting caught up in the power cables. We recommend speaking to a qualified electrician to advise on cable management for outdoors. In addition, we will need a level surface to set up everything. Also, we will need protection from the elements (rain, heat, etc.) which you will need to provide e.g., a gazebo type enclosure . This is to protect everyone from elements , damage to equipment. If your event is taking place in the spring , summer or Autumn , protection is not 100% necessary but at the first sign of any deterioration of the weather, we will have to pull the booth which could disrupt your event.
  • Are props provided with each of the packages?
    Yes. and they are awesome!
  • Can I bring my own props?
    Yes can provide your own props!
  • Do I have to run the booth?
    No, the booth is staffed by us for set up, operation and dismantling of the booth following the completion of the event .
  • How do I get my fullcirclevents videos?
    Once you and or your guests have stepped off the 360 video booth platform, the Fullcirclevents slow motion videos can be downloaded instantly by various options depending on the event size and configuration, for example Airdrop or via email. Alternatively, as the event organizer, you the option for all videos to be sent to you for you to manage their distribution to your guest.
  • Will I receive all of the videos captured?
    Yes, we provide a folder full of all of the videos captured within 4 business days of the event so you can download and share them.
  • How long are the slow motion videos?
    The slow motion videos are generally 16 - 25 seconds long making easy to send via text or email. Also, being 16 - 25 seconds, they’re ideal for creating stories and reels on Facebook or Instagram.
  • How do I book the booth?
    If you are interested in reserving one of our 360 video booths, please reach out to us by phone, using the contact form or booking online at Our standard booking policy is 50% of the total paid with a signed contract to reserve your event date. The balance will needed to be paid within 5 business days before your event.
  • What's needed from me?
    If the event is located inside, ensure we have access to 240V mains power Access to your venue 2 hours before hire for set up
  • What areas do you cover?
    Our 360 experience services covers Horley, Surrey, Sussex and Kent.


Call +44 7983 222950 | Email us at

Or book your event online!

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