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Librari's B2B Commercial Use Licence:


Our B2B Licence is Exclusive per selective, non-transferable, non-refundable and gives you lifetime rights to use our royalty free music after purchase for websites, videos, social media, films, documentaries, animations, presentations, slide-shows, music on hold, background music in restaurants cafes, shops, gyms, exhibitions, trade fairs and conferences.


Terms and Conditions for all B2B Licencing:


You cannot:


  • You cannot claim our music as your own

  • You cannot re-distribute, trade, sell, share, license or register our music in any store/digital platform

You can :


  • Use our music on all online social media platforms

  • Use our music to promote and create content for yourself.

  • Use our music for any profitable and non-profitable organisation funded per business


Crediting and Ownership:

All music purchased under Librari LTD is leased and therefore still owned by Librari LTD. Librari LTD also licences music/sounds owned by third party creators. Examples of a proper way to credit us:



Restriction on Use: A licence is applicable to one institute or company BUT unlimited to users under that one

institute or company (for example if Nike purchase our licence, all of organisions under NIKE INC. now and in the future are free to use that licence along as they are all registered under that Company).


Limitation of Liability: You acknowledge and agree that you are solely liable for any use of our content and that Librari LTD will not be liable for any damages, incidental, including damages for loss of revenue, data, profits,

reputation incurred by you or any third party consequent of the use of our music.


Breach of Licence: This Agreement will be terminated should any terms and conditions be breach any of the terms set out by our B2B Licence. In NO circumstances are companies to share their licence and music

resources with other businesses, this is a breach of licence and both parties will be liable.


Additional Information: In instance of commercially using our music by purchasing any of our sound libraries you are granted a royalty free licence without any further financial payment required. Back ups of our libraries are prohibited outside selective companies. Back ups should be on a physical device such as USB flash drive, external hard drive, all other physical storage vehicles and internal online servers. In the circumstance where your purchase and files have been lost or deleted, as long as you can show proof of purchase we will happily send you your files free of charge.


All songs have been created with professional equipment and by professional artist (not all have been mastered professionally).

Thank you and enjoy!

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