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Wedding Offer Terms and Conditions

1. Eligibility: The postcode lottery is open to individuals who have booked a wedding reception to take place in 2024 within specific postcodes as listed. Proof of the wedding venue and the wedding date will be required to verify eligibility.

2. Postcode Selection: A winning postcode will be randomly selected from the pool of eligible participants who have met the criteria mentioned above.

3. Entry Submission: Participants must submit a brief description explaining why they would like to use our 360 video booth service for their wedding reception. This can be done via the online form provided on our website's Fullcirclevents 360 wedding page. Entries must be received by the 30th of September 2023 to be eligible for the drawing. Participants must also follow the Fullcirclevents 360 wedding page on social media and the name of the Facebook wedding group they joined to find this offer to complete their entry.

4. Prize: The prize for the postcode lottery will be a free package of your choosing from the available options for wedding receptions. This can include a specific number of hours of booth rental, additional services, or any other features you offer.

5. Notification: The winner will be notified via email or phone using the contact information provided during the entry submission process. They will be given a set amount of time to claim the prize.

6. Verification: To claim the prize, the winner must provide proof of their wedding venue booking within the specified postcodes and the confirmed wedding reception date. This can be in the form of a booking confirmation or any other relevant documentation.

7. Public Announcement: With the winner's permission, their name and a brief description of their reason for wanting to use your 360 video booth service can be announced on your business's website or social media platforms to celebrate their win and generate excitement among your customers.

8. Cut-off Date: The deadline for participating in the postcode lottery will be the 30th of September 2023. Entries received after this date will not be eligible for the drawing.

Head back to the offer and check the "I agree to the terms and conditions" box to complete the entry.

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