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As part of our promotional campaign from February 4th through April 29th 2023, we are offering a free 2-hour booking to help get Fullcirclevents recognised as the ultimate 360 video booth experience in the UK.

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What is the 360 video booth hire experience?

Our 360 video booth is where you and your guests hop onto a platform with a rotating arm. The rotating arm with its high-definition camera takes breathtaking slow-motion video with music of you and your guests posing, dancing or just doing your thing on the platform at your event.

After a spin, what happens next?

At the end of the spin, you and your guest can easily download the video to your phone, which is social media ready for you to easily post.


When would I use a 360 video booth service?

Our 360 video booth service is ideal for events such as birthdays, weddings, hen and stag functions, VIP events, and sporting events, to list a few.

What do I need to do to get a free 2-hour spin?

All we require is that if you are successful in being the first to book the 2-hour free booking, you agree to us using the footage from the event on our social media and our website.

Ok, I'm in; what's next?

Click on the red button "Book Now" below and book the promo.

The first email generated by our booking system indicating that someone has booked the offer gets the free 2-hour spin.

Once a booking confirmation has been made, the promo will be removed from the site, so no further bookings can be made.

Those who booked but were beaten to the post will be notified.

If you are successful in being the first to book, please beware that all Fullcirclevents terms and conditions still apply to this giveaway offer.


Good luck from the Fullcirclevents Team!

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