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Music adds life to your videos.

Fullcirclevents recommends using royalty-free music.

Import note concerning copyright

We do not recommend using Youtube-to-mp3 converters or converting a screen recording into an mp3 file since the music can be copyrighted.


Where to find royalty-free music

You can find some royalty-free music on any of the following websites:

Music file format

Make sure that the music file is a ‘.mp3’ file to be able to use it.

If unsure, upload the music file to, for example, and export it to mp3.

Fullcircirclevents music

Alternatively, you can choose one of our awesome mp3 ready tracks to add to your video from our playlist for free! Email us with the name of the track from the playlist and we'll forward it to you.

Music duration

Once you've chosen your music and you're happy it's in the mp3 format, you will need to make sure it is a maximum of 30 seconds in its duration.

Anything longer will not load to our software that creates the video.

The starting point of your music

Use also to choose what part of the track you would like for us to use.

Need more help?

Please email info@fullcirclevents if you need further assistance.

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