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Photo-Booth Showdown: Classic Captures vs. 360 Degree Magic!

The Classic Experience - Traditional Photo Booths! A time-tested party favourite, these booths capture still photos which are often printed instantly. Perfect for those nostalgic, fun-filled moments with props and privacy curtains


Snap a Pose! Attendees can strike a pose or make a funny face, creating unique, tangible memories to take home."


Step into the Future - 360 Video Booths! Offering an immersive, dynamic experience, these booths capture video from all angles as the camera rotates around you.


Interactive and Engaging! Stand on a platform and let the camera do the work. The result? A unique, panoramic view of your fun moments, shareable in digital format.

Whether you're after a nostalgic vibe with a traditional photo booth or looking to provide a contemporary, interactive experience with a 360 video booth, both options are perfect ways to capture and share memories from your event!


Which booth would you prefer at your next event? Lets us know in the comments.


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