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Unforgettable Moments Captured
in 360 Video

Booking online has never been easier! Discover the convenience of booking your desired service from the comfort of your home. We've made the process simple so you can book hassle-free. Let us guide you through the steps and help you make your reservation in just a few clicks. Don't waste any more time waiting on hold - book online today!

Guide on how to book your event online

Step one

Please familiarise yourself with the requirements for our 360 video booth before placing an order. This will help ensure our services fit your event and venue.

Please click on the link below.

360 video booth requirements

Step two
Unsure of the process? We've got you covered. Our comprehensive step-by-step guide provides a seamless booking experience. With our guide, you can easily navigate the process and secure your event quickly.
Click on the download button below now to get started.



The Clearpay payment option is now available at the checkout.

Available for 360 Party and Wedding Package bookings only.

​Click here for the Clearpay frequently asked questions.

360 Video Booth Packages

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